Ten Thousand Villages: Maker to Market

Everyone deserves a peaceful moment to indulge in a little self-care – bathe with natural soap, relax in a block-printed robe, with a flickering candle in a handmade candleholder, fragrant incense wafting into the still air…
Aaaah, can you picture that right now… Well, wouldn’t it be great to know that the products that you use during the above special time, were made utilizing traditional crafting techniques and materials that are safe for the earth, maker, and user!
Have you heard of Ten Thousand Villages?
Ten Thousand Villages: Maker to Market
Or the maker-to-market movement
Maker to Market
I recently found out about both of these. Ten Thousand Villages have been running since 1946: they are not a new company!
They’re a global maker‑to‑market movement that breaks the cycle of generational poverty and ignites social change.

Ten Thousand Villages: Maker to Market and Fair Trade


They have made a way for people to shop with intention for ethically-sourced wares — and to share in the joy of empowering makers in ten thousand villages.

As a pioneer of fair trade, they do business differently, putting people and the planet first. That means that we can trust that every handmade purchase and donation made, directly positively impacts the life and community of its maker in a developing country.
Fair Trade Maker to Market
Their products include:
  • soaps,
  • bathrobes,
  • lotus rain chains,
  • singing bowls,
  • salt crystal lamps,
  • jewelry,
  • bags,
  • scarves,
  • shawls,
  • hair accessories,
  • face masks,
  • socks,
  • winter wear,
  • linen,
  • cookbooks,
  • planters,
  • wind chimes,
  • birdhouses,
  • drinkware,
  • baskets,
  • booties, bibs, and baby blankets,
  • hacky sacks,
  • hammocks,
  • rugs,
  • pillows, as well as yoga pillows…

… and the list goes on and on! Awesome right!

To have a look at their totally unique beautiful fair trade products, click here:
Ten Thousand Villages
Get green in whatever space you have by buying Fair Trade products crafted by makers earning a sustainable livelihood – show care for people and planet!

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