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We love living in Spain, but find it difficult to get certain products that we enjoy and find beneficial to our plant-based lifestyle, like peanut butter. If you can find it, peanut butter is very expensive in the supermarkets here in Spain, and so we started ordering it on Amazon where there is more of a selection of these types of health products.

We came across this incredible company that sells many different types of health products as well as Peanut Butter, on Amazon, but also on their own website. I wanted to tell you a bit about them because they are really awesome in so very many ways.


*Weider have more than 80 years of experience in the

Sports and Speciality Nutrition field.*

They started off as a small family business run by Joe and Ben Weider, and are now the most important multinational in the world of sports nutrition.

Weider are supported by world-class sports professionals , and are present on five continents with an extensive range of products for:

  • Bodybuilding,
  • Fitness,
  • Health,
  • and a Healthy Lifestyle.

From the Weider website:

They (Joe and Ben Weider) are considered the fathers of bodybuilding and known as the “Trainers of Champions”, some as important as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Creators of the Mr. Olympia pageant, their last name lives on thanks to an impressive track record of success. 

Since its inception in 1936 ,  athletes , coaches, and sports scientists around the world have taken advantage of the Weider brothers’ vision of training and nutrition.

Just a few of the Weider Products available online:

All their products are natural and do not contain chemicals or drugs. Weider supports a clean sport and without prohibited substances in the practice of it, which is called “No doping” or free of doping.

The Weider goal is that YOU can reach YOUR highest goals. Their development teams in the United States, Germany and Spain take maximum care of both the control of raw materials and the production and packaging processes. 

Their customer service is out of this world amazing (we have tested it), and we just absolutely love their vegan products.

Try them out for yourselves… you will not be disappointed!

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