Household Hacks

Keeping your home running smoothly with decent healthy meals and clean laundry, as well as making sure that it is clean and tidy as much as possible (whew!), can be a total pain, and feel like an amazing waste of time. So, I decided to find as many cleaning and household ‘hacks’ as I could in order to make life at home easier, more pleasant, and leaving more time for the things we really enjoy. I hope that you find these cleaning tips useful, and that you are able to put them into practice in your home.



Microwave Magic:
To clean the microwave more easily heat up a microwave-safe bowl of water (with a few slices of lemon, for freshness) for approximately three minutes. This will steam the inside of the microwave which makes it a breeze then to just sponge and wipe down. No effort and harsh chemicals required and oh so quick!
Voila, Vinegar:

Did you know that you can clean kitchen countertops and stainless steel appliances with white vinegar? Dilute it by adding double the amount of water as white vinegar in a spray bottle, then use it as you would a regular household cleaner. Make sure to completely dry stainless steel after cleaning though, so that it doesn’t spot. Voila, nice and simple!


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