The GoSun Off-Grid Dream For Everyone

I am totally all for Off-Grid living, and empowering people to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
That is why I support companies like GoSun. They are an incredibly creative company that fully encourages off-grid living (not only in rural areas), and empowerment.
GoSun are a small entrepreneurial business, that has worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations to provide discounted solar products to those that need them most. They have shipped products to over 70 countries throughout the world to all continents. They have donated over 1,000 units for the advancement of solar education.
Around one billion people do not have access to electricity and over three billion people still cook on dangerous, polluting stoves that run on dirty fuels: wood, charcoal, and petrochemical fires.
So GoSun is an awesome company, that is not only helping to protect the planet but people as well!!!!
GoSun builds many different types of solar appliances to help everyone to live with more independence and resilience.
Using only the Sun, now you can (affordably):
  • cook (day or night) with their many different sized solar ovens;
  • cool with their solar chillers;
  • charge with their tables, powerbanks, chargers, and various solar panels;
  • light with their lamps and flashlights;
  • or purify water with their portable purifying system.
Check their very easy to navigate website to have a look at their many different types of solar products here:
GoSun Website

Before you go:

If you are interested in Tiny Home Living, as well as an Off-Grid way of life, then let me introduce you to a high-performance tiny house from GoSun.

It’s the pinnacle of their vision for a solar future.

You can live anywhere under the Sun, free from reliance on anyone or anything!

No need for utilities, the Dream Tiny Home makes its own power: With Hybrid solar + electric oven, solar cooler, water system, & energy storage. All services are hooked up: with onboard water, electricity, heating and cooling!

Have a look here: 

The Dream

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