Waste-Free Viablee: Eco-Friendly Products

A planet-friendly lifestyle definitely does not have to be difficult! Not sure what “planet-friendly” means, then check out my post on Sustainability here… Living waste-free, and considering the impacts on our planet, as well as our own health, is what the company I will be writing this review on is all about:

Viablee: waste-free products

From their website, www.viablee.com:

Viablee is inspired from the word Viable, capable of growing and is symbolic of new life, hope, spiritual growth, purity, and peace.

Viablee inspiration came from when the founders got fed up with wasteful everyday items and the ever-increasing plastic-usage that pollutes the environment. 

Viablee also wanted to promote environmentally conscious users by offering partnership programs. For folks who cannot commit to purchase eco-friendly items themselves, for whatever reason, can still help the mission by encouraging others to include more eco-friendly products in their lives.

By offering a variety of eco-friendly, cruelty-free, sustainable, zero-waste products Viablee’s goal has been to help everyone live a greener life and help the planet.

Viablee exclusively only sells products that are mission-driven. Every product sold on our site is sourced from vendors who meet our high-standards.

Currently we serve US, UK, Australia and Canada. We will soon be expanding to other regions.

*Planet-friendly alternatives is what they are all about.*

Their products range from:

  • Household;
  • Clothing and Accessories;
  • Babies and Kids;
  • Travel;
  • Outdoors;
  • Audio and Tech;
  • Pets;
  • Beauty and Care;
  • Food…
Viablee’s mission is >>> Repair or Reuse, else Replace to Reduce

REPLACE earth-harming products to REDUCE consumption, plastic usage and greenhouse emissions.

They have products that fit all eco-goals, such as those that are:

  • gluten-free,
  • biodegradable,
  • climate neutral,
  • plant-based,
  • plastic free,
  • recycled,
  • ethical,
  • compostable,
  • fair trade,
  • organic,
  • reusable,
  • upcycled,
  • carbon neutral… (whew, quite a list!!)

Viablee has a membership that you can join, which is free & the dues are credited towards your purchases each month.

Check out their site here: www.viablee.com, and quote JVRD to get 10% off of any wonderful product at checkout.

Let’s work together to save the planet! “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion. – Paulo Coelho

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