Pela Case: Compostable Cellphone Cases

Would you like to be a part of helping to keep 1 BILLION pounds of plastic from ever being made? Well, there is a very smart proactive company called Pela that has a huge goal to be a part of creating a waste-free future with compostable cellphone cases and biodegradable glasses!
Pela Cellphone Cases
Pela believe that it takes the right company with the right community to make these products (made of environmentally sensible materials) the new normal.

Their Values:


Commit to a culture that builds a vibrant community.


Foster creativity to inspire innovation.


Live with awareness and consciousness of the impact of our choices.

and Courage!

Embrace courage by taking action despite uncertainty.

They make quality, very reasonable, everyday products without everyday waste that damages the oceans and the rest of the planet.
Sustainable Compostable Cellphone Cases
Pela has the following amazing products:
  • Phone cases (many different types and colors);
  • Airpod cases;
  • Smart Watch Bands (eco-friendly, smooth, and soft);
  • Cellphone Grips;
  • Card Holders;
  • Ethos Radiation Reduction Tool (protects you by redirecting up to 80% of Electricmagnetic field coming from your cell phone);
  • Sunglasses (The World’s First 100% Biodegradable Blue Light Glasses).

cellphone cases

Pela Cases are 100% COMPOSTABLE and free of lead, cadmium, BPA, and phthalates. Their cases are made of a blend of biopolymers and Canadian Prairie flax shive. They are designed to protect your phone and formulated to reduce waste on our planet.
To have a look at Pela’s awesome eco-friendly sustainable products, click here:
Oh, and you can buy one case and get one free!! AND shipping is free worldwide!!!
Happy surfing (let’s keep it plastic-free)! 😎

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