In May 2018, we found out that my husband, Clive, was being retrenched from his job. To cut a very long story short, we had known for about a year that this was going to happen one day in the near future. We had therefore been looking around for work for him for a while, but could not find anything suitable in South Africa. Nothing! 

B.E.E (Black Economic Empowerment) is still a huge issue in South Africa, and the fact that my husband was a 50 year old white male was not a positive thing in the job market.

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is a racially selective programme launched by the South African government to redress the inequalities of Apartheid by giving black (Blacks, Coloureds and Indians) South African citizens economic privileges previously not available to them under White rule 

(Black Economic Empowerment –

A friend of Clive’s, who lives in Spain suggested starting over afresh in Southern Spain, and explained how wonderful it is in that country for a family with small kids. It is a dream of ours to travel and worldschool our children, so we were very tempted by this idea. 

We did lots of research and decided that Spain seemed like the place for us to start our new adventure of exploring the world. We took a giant leap of bravery (some people would say “craziness” or “lunacy”) and with my husband’s retrenchment package (which was not huge 😳), we planned a move to Spain in just over one month! Insane, yes I know… The recommended planning period for a move overseas is minimum six months!

We have learnt so (so very) many negative and positive things, and would like to share them with you, in the hopes that it will help the following people:

  • Those planning a move to Spain (or somewhere else in the world), 
  • For those that are currently living or staying in Spain, but are at a loss as to what to do next, to give some direction to them. 

I will be posting experiences, tips, reviews, and information for you as we live through them. You can find them under the Spain menu tab in the relevant sections, such as accommodation, businesses, products etc. 

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A side note:

*We are not being paid to write any of the reviews on this site, and do not want our community of followers to think that we are biased towards any company because of remuneration, therefore we will not accept payment from any company that we publish a post on.*

Here’s to being adventurous, living big dreams, and thinking out of the box!

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