GreenAgric Tunnels: Added Extras

Additional Items to consider

What’s included in the DIY Kit:
* Internally Reinforced Support Poles
* 20% or 40% White, Light Grey or Coloured Shade Cloth


What’s not included in the DIY Kit:
* Y Standards … available @ R 350.00 each 
* Doorways … available from R 500.00 each 
* Cords and cable ties to be used in the installation of your tunnel ..
   packs available from R 250.00 each 
* Plastic Covers … available from R 3,699.00
* Irrigation … use drip irrigation – from R500.00 per 100m roll … it’s the best
* Mulch and Compost … buy Organic mulch and compost locally 
* Seeds and Seedlings … it is recommended that you buy these locally 
* Pest and Anti Fungi Sprays … GreenAgric will teach you how to create your own Natural Organic Sprays 


For more details contact:
Pete Moore of GreenAgric …
Email :
Cell : 072 387 2293
also available on WhatsApp and Messenger

as well as on Facebook

Open 7 to 7 – 7 days a week

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