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Best suited for full sun areas, now with Steel Support Poles, and an apex height of 3 meters, with 40% White or Light Grey Shade Cloth:

 6m x 5m x 3m @ R25,990.00
 8m x 5m x 3m @ R30,990.00
10m x 5m x 3m @ R38,990.00
12m x 5m x 3m @ R46,990.00
14m x 5m x 3m @ R53,990.00
16m x 5m x 3m @ R61,990.00
18m x 5m x 3m @ R69,990.00
20m x 5m x 3m @ R76,990.00
22m x 5m x 3m @ R84,990.00
24m x 5m x 3m @ R92,990.00
26m x 5m x 3m @ R99,990.00
28m x 5m x 3m @ R107,990.00
30m x 5m x 3m @ R115,990.00
32m x 5m x 3m @ R123,990.00
34m x 5m x 3m @ R130,990.00
36m x 5m x 3m @ R138,990.00
38m x 5m x 3m @ R145,990.00
40m x 5m x 3m @ R153,990.00
42m x 5m x 3m @ R161,990.00
44m x 5m x 3m @ R169,990.00
46m x 5m x 3m @ R176,990.00
48m x 5m x 3m @ R184,990.00
50m x 5m x 3m @ R192,990.00


GreenAgric cannot be beaten on price and quality …
They are prepared to BEAT any official written comparable quote from any Proven Reputable Tunnel Supplier in Southern Africa.

GreenAgric are the VERY BEST ‘Value for Money’ Grow Tunnels in Southern Africa!

GreenAgric Grow Tunnels … Lowest Prices – Very Best Quality …
and they will survive for 10 years or longer in any adverse weather conditions.

GreenAgric Grow Tunnels are 100% baboon, monkey, animal and bird proof!

When you are ready to order your GreenAgric Grow Tunnel or if you would like them to supply you with an Official Quotation, please let them have the following details, so they can send you an invoice or quote:

* Full Name to appear on your Invoice / Quote
* Postal Address
* Delivery Address
* GPS or Google Maps Coordinates for the delivery address
* Email Address
* Cell Number
* Confirmation of what size tunnel your wish to purchase
* Confirmation of the number of tunnels you wish to purchase
* Confirmation of what additional items you wish to purchase
* Confirmation of when you wish to start your Green Project

Any Tunnel … Any Size … Anywhere in Southern Africa … 

Across borders into Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe


Email :
GreenAgric’s Call Centre : 087 135 0111

also available on WhatsApp Messenger 072 387 2293
as well as on Facebook

Open 7 to 7 – 7 days a week

* All prices are DIY …

What’s included in the DIY Kit:
* Steel Support Poles

* 40% White or Light Grey Shade Cloth
* Steel Link Support Poles
* Double Zip Doorway Opening (2m high in the centre of one of the tunnel ends)
* Cords and cable ties to be used in the installation of your tunnel
* 1500mm Y Standards, used as tunnel anchors

What’s not included in the DIY Kit:
* Double Zip Doorway Openings at BOTH tunnel ends (Add an extra R500.00 to the tunnel prices)
* Wood and Aluminium Doorways 
* Plastic Winter Covers 
* Irrigation (GreenAgric recommends a simple Drip Irrigation System; they can supply Class 3 – 15mm pipe at R 500.00 per 100m roll)
* Seeds and Seedlings (they recommend that you source these from Living Seeds)
* Organic Mulch and Compost (they recommend that you source these locally)
* Pest and Anti Fungi Sprays (GreenAgric will share their recipe for you to produce your own Natural Organic Sprays)

* Free Delivery on Grow Tunnels to most places in SA dependent on your delivery address. Due to the escalating fuel prices, delivery costs have increased dramatically in the past few months. Please ask GreenAgric if your order qualifies for a Free Delivery or a partially subsidised delivery.

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