A New Concept: The Flexible Tripod

Clive needed a tripod to make his online English teaching easier, and more professional. He found the most perfect budget-friendly one, and wanted to share this fantastic find with you:

Have you ever been in need of a smaller tripod while out on the road or travelingOr for online teaching? A tripod that is durable, sturdy and versatile? I have! I’ve looked at various reviews on products of this nature, and at last I have found a tripod that fulfils all of the above needs and at a really good price.

I found the flexible mini-tripod at K & F Concept  

Mini Flexible Tripod

It comes with the following extras:

  • 1 x holder for a mobile phone;
  • 1 x holder for a Gopro camera;
  • 1 x 3/8 screw adapter on the top of the tripod;
  • 1 x Bluetooth Remote Control;
  • 1 x clip for a Microphone.

The 360 degree rotational head of the tripod can safely carry your camera, whether it is a cellphone or a DSLR. 

It comes standard with extras (see the above list) that are so very useful: the Bluetooth remote control works really well and connects super fast (when not in use for a time, it automatically goes in to a sleep mode which saves battery life, and helps avoid accidentally taking shots in your pocket). 

I originally bought the tripod for my iPhone, to use for my online teaching classes. I expected it to only be good for this one purpose, but I was pleasantly surprised by its durability, strength and stability, even with my DSLR mounted. 

It fits perfectly into a daypack backpack, or slides into your belt or side straps. 

The added bonus of having legs that can be shaped to attach to irregular surfaces is a huge plus. The legs can also be set to two different height settings, which gives it a great low setting for a unique view of a scene. 

It also comes with the extra head fittings for a mic or a GoPro.

It truly is a versatile smaller tripod that I am extremely happy with. This really is a sensible purchase for any online teacher, photographer or filmmaker.

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