Coloured Tunnels

GreenAgric Tunnels are also available in Different Colours

White, Black/White Combo, Green, Black, Grey Tunnels …
Specific Colours for Specific Applications …



Let GreenAgric know your requirements, and they will gladly supply you with a detailed written quotation.



Interested ? 


Any Tunnel … Any Size … Anywhere in Southern Africa …
Across borders into Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe

* FREE Delivery to most places in South Africa 
* FREE Step-by-Step Help for your tunnel installation 
* FREE 12 months ‘Best Help and Advice’ 

For more details please contact:
Pete Moore of GreenAgric 
Email :
Call Centre : 087 135 0111
also available on WhatsApp Messenger on 072 387 2293
as well as on Facebook
Available 7 to 7 – 7 days a week

* All prices are DIY 



What’s included in the DIY Kit:
* Internally Reinforced Support Poles or Steel Support Poles 
* Various % Coloured Shade Cloth 
* Link Support Poles 
* All GreenAgric ‘Coloured’ Tunnels are now available with an Optional FREE Standard Zip Opening  (2 meters high in the centre of one of the tunnel ends) 

What’s not included in the DIY Kit:
* Y Standards
* Upgraded Doorways 
* Cords and cable ties to be used in the installation of your tunnel 
* Plastic Covers 
* Irrigation
* Mulch and Compost 
* Seeds and Seedlings 
* Pest and Anti Fungi Sprays 
these are available from GreenAgric as additional items 


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