Sustainability & Outdoor Preparedness with Survival Frog

This is a fantastic company dedicated to helping people prepare for an uncertain future by providing knowledge and tools to help during times of disaster. Besides their survival gear, they also have many eco-friendly and sustainable products for every day living. They know all about Sustainability!

From the Survival Frog website:

Survival Frog is the largest and most trusted source for survival and preparedness products online. 

The Survival Frog idea was born in 2009 when Founder and CEO Byron Walker started selling info-product books online. What started as Peak 10 Publishing grew and had nearly 1 million customers of its books, CDs and DVDs. 

Survival Frog now distributes physical survival and outdoor gear throughout the US and Canada, and our company has evolved into the industry leader in preparedness products and survival gear sold online.

“From beginners to experts, we cater to all types of people and organizations.” 

Our mission is to educate those who are ready to protect their families and to provide them with the most advanced survival gear at affordable prices. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to prepare for potential threats with at least a 72-hour supply of the essentials.

Our motto is Preparing Made Easy, and we work hard to give you an amazing buying experience every time you visit or call us. Preparing Made Easy isn’t just a slogan – it’s our belief that preparing doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.

Some of the equipment that they have available online are: 
  • Lighting: solar lanterns, night vision monoculars, rechargeable flashlights, water-powered flashlights, solar home kits, headlamps…
  • Power Sources : rechargeable hand warmers, solar power banks, USB chargers, car and truck jump starters, power stations…
  • Solar: solar powerbank, solar radio, solar heated shower, weather radios, solar lanterns, solar panels, portable power stations…
  • Camping: Lifestraw water filters, Tesla lighters, camping stoves, multipurpose tools, waterproof cellphone cases, first aid kits, tents…
And tons more really awesome items!

They have a permanent Sales page, with big discounts on various products. Click here for the Sales Page.

You can have a look at their huge range of sustainability products on their website, by clicking here:

Survival Frog

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