On my quest to find eco-friendly sustainable companies and products, I came across this web-based business that has been running passionately since 2009: 


GreenAgric is Pete Moore, an incredibly driven man, living in South Africa, on a mission to:

Get Back to Nature

He does this by introducing Organic, Biological, and Green Alternatives to Farming Communities and Home Growers WorldWide.

Pete believes that:

As individuals we ALL can make a significant difference to preserving our planet.

If the likes of you and me don’t start growing our own Organic Fruit, Veggies and Herbs, we are not going to be able to source what we want as easily as we have become accustomed to in the past.

Already there are fresh food lines that have ‘disappeared’ from the supermarket shelves. A trend that is going to become even more noticeable in the future.

Plus a very large % of food in your local supermarket is now genetically modified – GMO, and there is absolutely no control on what poisonous sprays are being used, so future health issues should be of a huge concern to all of us.

GreenAgric helps people to grow organic food in healthy soil

It all starts in the soil or growing medium.

The old ‘adage’ applies: ‘Feed the Soil … Not the Plant’.

‘Going Green’ does not necessarily mean more expensive … quite the opposite, it can mean reducing costs substantially.

So ultimately it’s:

  • easy,
  • costs less,
  • is healthier,
  • and you get fresh great tasting fruit, veggies and herbs whenever you need them.

What you cannot use, you can sell, give to your family, friends and the less fortunate. A win-win all around! 

Let’s Get Back to Nature, away from chemically destroying ourselves and our environment.

For the first time in the history of the world, every human being is now subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals, from the moment of conception until death. – Rachel Carson (Rachel Carson was a world-renowned marine biologist, author and environmentalist)

GreenAgric is there to help you avoid harsh dangerous chemicals. This proactive company is made up of many different facets (something for everyone). Here is a basic breakdown of the company (to find out more, click on the relevant name, and that will take you to a more detailed description):

GreenAgric Grow Tunnels:
Grow your own Organic Food in a DIY Grow Tunnel and KNOW what you are eating!
GreenAgric South Africa: For ‘Best Value for Money’ Grow Tunnels in Southern Africa.
GreenAgric Tunnels
GreenAgric Africa: Supplying robust, economical tunnels into Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe…

The first supermarket supposedly appeared on the American landscape in 1946. That is not very long ago. Until then, where was all the food? Dear folks, the food was in homes, gardens, local fields, and forests. It was near kitchens, near tables, near bedsides. It was in the pantry, the cellar, the backyard.

— Joel Salatin

Home grown organic vegetables
GreenAgric Information:
GreenAgric Blog: Informative articles with regards growing your own food organically.
GreenAgric Online: Tailor-made online courses tackling pedology, edaphology and agrology (these “big words” basically mean the various areas of soil science).
GreenAgric Consulting: ‘Best Help and Advice’ with Green Projects Worldwide via WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and Email.
GreenAgric Recruitment
GreenAgric Recruitment: Worldwide Agricultural and Allied Hospitality Recruitment at the Very Best Placement Fee Rates.
GreenAgric Classifieds: A place to post adverts for anything Green – Agricultural, Gardening, Organic Fresh Produce, Farmers Markets, Home Made Organic Products, and Everything Allied.
GreenAgric Old Home Remedies: Eat it to Beat it! This is a trustworthy space on Facebook to add to your knowledge of healthy living.

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