GreenAgric Discount Offers

Special Discount Offers:


GreenAgric Discounts include – 

20% Discount for ‘Self Help’ Customers, where you navigate GreenAgric’s information, select the tunnels and add-on’s you wish to purchase, copy and paste the questions you will find here to an email to : Sales@GreenAgric.co.za
confirm and pay for your purchase within 24 hours of receiving your invoice.

10% Discount for Repeat Customers, Pensioners, Schools, NGO’s and NPO’s 
when you confirm and pay for your purchase within 30 days of receiving your invoice
(unless you choose the 20% ‘Self Help’ Option)

When you are ready to order your GreenAgric Grow Tunnel, or if you would like them to supply you with an Official Quotation, please let them have the following details, so they can send you an invoice or quote:

* Full Name to appear on your Invoice / Quote
* Postal Address
* Delivery Address
* GPS or Google Maps Coordinates for the delivery address
* Email Address
* Cell Number
* Confirmation of what size tunnel your wish to purchase
* Confirmation of the number of tunnels you wish to purchase
* Confirmation of what additional items you wish to purchase
* Confirmation of when you wish to start your Green Project


* Discount Offers apply to GreenAgric’s Tunnel Prices only, and not any add-on’s you wish to purchase.

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