Smart Care Repair Centre vs Appleberry

This is a review that my husband put together with regards a smartphone, tablet and P.C. specialist repair shop in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal:

“I had an iPhone 5s cellphone with a smashed screen that I wanted to repair. The only business that came to mind for iPhone repair was a business called Appleberry. I looked up their contact details online and gave them a call. The phone rang to voicemail, so I tried all the numbers on the website but none of them were answered. I left voicemails and also sent a contact mail via their website asking for a response. Till this day I have not received a return call or email from them.

I then did a search on google and found a listing for a cellphone repair business, which had unfortunately closed down, but the guy still answered his cellphone, and he gave me the name of another company called Smart Care Repair Centre. I googled it and got their details. I phoned them, and they collected the phone and repaired it the same day! It was also more than 50% less than the price offered by Appleberry (which I found out via their website). The guys at Smart Care also gave us two screen protector shields free of charge.

The next week I had another iPhone battery replaced by Smart Care Repair Centre, for the cost of way less than quoted by another business, and the phone was returned in a day again. Fantastic service!

We have since used Smart Care for another cellphone screen replacement, and for other repairs, and each time the service has been quick, professional and very cheap. 

I would highly  recommend Smart Care Repair Centre for cellphone repairs.”

Their business details are:
60 Chief Albert Luthuli Rd, Pietermaritzburg
Phone: 074 839 7920, Email:

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