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When I got married in 2007, my husband and I had no appliances and furniture to use for our new life together. We were weary of getting into debt by buying on accounts because we did not have sufficient money to buy the items we needed with cash. Then we found out about Teljoy ( and we were so glad that we did.

Teljoy works on a “Rent to Own” basis (a month-to-month contract that allows you to rent all sorts of household appliances, furniture, electronics and baby goods with the option to take ownership after the pre-determined rental period is up, which is usually three years). One can upgrade/ downgrade or cancel and return the unit at any time, and they (Teljoy) are responsible for the maintenance and risk cover (and if you get a TV, the TV license) during the rental period at no additional cost. You shop and apply online and they deliver and set-up the unit in your home at no additional cost as well. 

Awesome right! Does it sound too good to be true? Well, we found that it is not – it is one of those few opportunities whereby you actually win.

We rented the following goods from them over the last few years:

  • fridge,
  • washing machine,
  • dishwasher,
  • tumble dryer,
  • deep freeze,
  • toaster,
  • microwave,
  • kettle

This is what it says on their website about the company (

1969. Man walked on the moon for the first time. The Boeing 747 made its maiden flight. The Brady Bunch was broadcast for the first time on ABC. South Africans couldn’t watch it on TV though because no such thing yet existed in our country. Theo Rutstein, founder of Teljoy saw an exciting business opportunity that changed all that. Teljoy was founded in September 1969 and launched with a campaign that gave people the opportunity to book a television for rent when TV eventually came to South Africa. After much deliberation and perseverance, TV was allowed in South Africa. Teljoy and its founder Theo Rutstein installed the very first TV set in South Africa in December 1974. Teljoy was the very first company in the country to supply TV sets commercially in South Africa.

A few decades later and Teljoy still offers fantastic benefits in rental and Rent To Own options. We have added kitchen appliances, gaming and computers to our product range. With dedicated staff, enthralling product offerings, fantastic benefits and excellent service, Teljoy prides itself in truly being the better way to get the things you want. We seek to give people the opportunity to get things that they want within a budget that they can afford. Teljoy makes products accessible to customers on terms that meet their needs and in a way that is convenient to them. In addition to getting the things they want in an easy, affordable manner, Teljoy customers enjoy a whole list of benefits.

We understand that we live in an age where people’s lives are volatile and people don’t always know what their circumstances will be in the future. Teljoy aims to give people the option of living the life they envision without having to go through stressful measures to do so. We promote healthy financial situations which result in stress-free living and above all; quality of life.

We have been very happy with the service that we have received from Teljoy over the years. They have been extremely helpful, reliable and always fix or replace the item when it is broken or giving us problems. 

We have had the tumble dryer replaced twice, the dishwasher fixed and the fridge regassed. They are all Defy products and are of very good quality. I love the fact that our monthly costs for the equipment include maintenance and insurance, so that when one of the items is not working correctly I just phone Teljoy, and they then send someone out very quickly to have a look at it. 

We now own all of the products and do not pay anything to Teljoy anymore, but if we need anything else in the near future then I will definitely be going online to see what Teljoy has to offer first before I try any other company.

I would highly recommend Teljoy.

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