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Almost my whole family has sensitive skin, and we have always battled to find the right skin care products. We search for creams, lotions and soaps that will not harm our skin, or give us rashes, and that is environmentally friendly, as well as being vegan body products

Besides protecting our skin, we all (including companies) have a responsibility to be good stewards of the planet that we live on. 

We found the perfect company in Spain that produces vegan body products, and cares about the environment.

The Instituto Español:

caters both to the Spanish market, as well as to the international market.

Our responsibility to protect our world: vegan body products

To introduce this company to you, here is some information from their website (translated from Spanish into English):

Instituto Español SA was founded in 1903 in the tradition of the best European perfumery and since it began its activity, it has produced perfumery and cosmetic products. A company with more than 110 years of experience, where working is being part of a team, of a family. Research, innovation, quality, technology … all these words make sense when we mention Instituto Español. 

We introduce a wide variety of products to the market that seek to reinforce care from the smallest of the house to the elderly.

We intend to give our products their own identity. For this, we pay attention to the needs of our clients, always seeking to offer them maximum satisfaction. Your opinions are always a true source of innovation for us. Thus, we have developed products adapted and destined for today’s society, such as anti-pollution products, which protect the skin from environmental pollution, and ecological and vegan lines, which meet the needs of an increasingly environmentally responsible society. In addition to a wide range of products for the care of sensitive skin, as always adhering to offering the highest quality.

The great variety and quality of the products we offer allows us to be highly competitive in the national and international market, exporting to a large number of countries around the world. This also provides us with an exchange of scientific experience in the field of skin care, and helps us to search for new horizons. We try to develop the products you will use tomorrow today.

Product Range

Their wide variety of very reasonably priced vegan body products includes:

  • shower gels, 
  • perfumes, 
  • moisturizers, 
  • colognes, 
  • deodorants, 
  • lotions, 
  • and oils. 

Their products are suitable for the whole family. They have a wide and varied range of products for all skin types (oily, dry, damaged, atopic and sensitive, including for babies and the most delicate skins). We use their hydrating body cream and their Natura Body Gel (for sensitive skin). They contain no parabens, colorants and perfumes, which is exactly what we need.

Look after your skin with vegan body products

100% Andalusian company

Those that work at the Instituto Español factory are mostly those that live in the area. The company has 100% Andalusian, Spanish and European capital. They say that they are committed to a comprehensive project in their land, currently generating more than 100 direct jobs in the perfumery and cosmetics sector. They believe in “the more than proven quality that a product with the “Made in Spain” seal gives, providing maximum safety and well-being”.

Socially responsible

Their mission is to respect the environment in which they live, as well as the people around them. Workers are a priority for Instituto Español, as well as the environment and nature.

Environmental protection
Protecting the environment. Image by ejaugsburg from Pixabay
Caring for the environment

Instituto Español defends the management of a sustainable business as one of the basic pillars within the company. The need for humans to satisfy a good without sacrificing the future ability to produce this good is what we know as sustainability.

Instituto Español is located very close to one of the most fascinating natural landscapes, Doñana. Doñana National Park (543 km²) is in Andalusia, southern Spain, in the provinces of Huelva (most of its territory), Cádiz and Seville. It’s known for its wetlands, migratory birds, pine forests and shifting coastal dunes.

The Insituto does not only not test on animals, but they also do not dump waste so as to not harm the environment.

They explain that the environment is also the population, the people. That is why 90% of their staff are from the same town where they are located, Hinojos. They try to have the least displacement of their workers, so the hiring is always from neighboring towns.

caring for the environment: vegan body products

No harm to animals (vegan body products)

Instituto Español is firmly committed to a policy that excludes testing its products and ingredients with animals, nor hiring third parties to carry out these tests, but we also do not buy any raw materials that are tested on animals.

No dumping of waste

The correct management of waste is very important to preserve the environment, and for social development. At Instituto Español they control and analyze all waste that they produce. They channel and reintegrate all recyclable substances into the production cycle. They have a clear concept of zero waste.

No aerosols

From their website: “The deodorants from Instituto Español, in addition to not coming in aerosols, do not contain alcohol, so they are effective and respectful of the skin. Aerosols come in cans that are partially filled with a concentrate of the product. It is then pressurized with propellant gas, such as butane, nitrous oxide, or carbon dioxide. These gases are not destroyed and go directly to damaging the ozone layer.”

Recyclable and recycled packaging

All the containers they use are very easy to recycle, so they help to combat the prospect of depletion of natural resources. 

today is the day

So don’t wait for tomorrow to change the things you can change today… like looking after your body naturally, and at the same time looking after your environment (by supporting companies that do the same).

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