Reitzer’s Pure Glycerine Soap

My daughter’s and I all have very sensitive skin, and have battled to find a body and facial cleanser that doesn’t leave our skin itchy, dry or with a rash. My homeopath doctor, suggested we try Reitzer’s Pure Glycerine Soap.  

Here are some facts on pure glycerine soap which I found in an article on the Be Well Buzz website, which you can read by clicking this link

Benefits of Glycerin Soap

Gentle for Sensitive Skin

Most bar soaps found in the market aren’t true soaps. They’re not made purely from fat, dye and water, but contain detergents. This is fine for many people, but for those with dry or sensitive skin, or allergies, glycerin soap may be an alternative. As we’ve learned, it is a humectant that will draw the water from your shower into your skin. It’s non-toxic, non-irritant; however, some people do discover an allergy. When you first try it, be cautious. Maybe start with a spot test.

We tried Reitzer’s Pure Glycerine Soap and have not had any negative side effects!  

It’s fantastic, as it is:

  • Fragrance and colour free;
  • Has no unreacted caustic soda in it;
  • Triclosan-Free
  • Neutral smelling;
  • Manufactured by hand in South Africa;
  • The same price as other 150g regular bars of soap that are full of harmful chemicals!
  • Can be purchased at Clicks stores, Nature’s Pantry and most chemists.

I would highly recommend this soap, which comes sold as a single wrapped bar or in a box with four bars of wrapped soap.

Have you tried any of Reitzer’s other products?  Any comments?

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