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I was pregnant in my third trimester with my fourth child during winter in South Africa. It does not get as cold here as other areas in this country, but it can leave an exposed big pregnant tummy feeling chilly and not very comfortable. I say “exposed” because by 30 something weeks none of my shirts covered my stomach completely anymore, and I was determined not to outlay on maternity shirts that would be useless after a few weeks of wear. I was also battling with heaviness at the bottom of my belly, due to a big baby boy’s head pressing down in my pelvis.

I decided to look into some kind of support band that would make the last few weeks of my pregnancy more comfortable, but would not cost too much. I found many gadgets and belts and bands that ended up being more complicated than I was willing to deal with, or too expensive to pay for at this late stage, or just did not fit properly.

Then I found the Carriwell seamless Preggy Belly Bando. This is what it says on the packaging:

The essential super stretchy seamless belly band that turns regular wear into maternity wear providing an inexpensive alternative to maternity pants and skirts.

  • Covers unbuttoned pants, skirts and shorts allowing you to wear your normal clothes throughout your pregnancy;
  • The perfect solution to bridge the gap when tops become too short to cover your tummy;
  • Light support in a unique seamless fabric;
  • Cleverly designed to be worn in a number of ways during and after pregnancy;
  • Fold over to support and hold up loose pants and skirts.

On their website,, they state that:

Carriwell has been designing and developing comfortable and supportive underwear for both expectant and nursing mums since 1996. It has always been our undertaking to enhance the breast feeding experience between mother and baby wherever they may be.

I have used the Carriwell breastfeeding bras in the past, but never the Preggy Belly Bando. It is definitely worth getting and the cheapest of the lot, without compromising on quality! The band feels amazingly soft and gentle against my skin (I have very sensitive skin and yet have not come out in a rash from this band). It really works to cover my tummy, keeping it warm and giving it a light support that is not uncomfortable. I would definitely recommend getting one of these bands.

I look forward to the rest of my pregnancy being a warm, comfy one. 

Has anyone worn the Preggy Belly Bando after their pregnancy?  If so, how did it work? Let us know please…

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