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My husband, a photographer who also teaches English online, put his thoughts down with regards the Neewer Tripod. Here’s what he has to say about it:

I was looking for a decent tripod to use while teaching English online. I needed one with adjustable height range, as I wanted to teach without using a table in front of me to stand my cellphone on. I also wanted the option to teach while sitting or standing.

After some searching on the internet, I found a Neewer adjustable tripod on Amazon:

The black Neewer 142cm Aluminum Tripod with 3 Way Swivel Head, Mobile Phone Holder, Bluetooth Remote Control, Bag (for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or DSLR Camera), load capacity of up to 4Kg.

It is a budget friendly, decent tripod for the task at hand, that comes with a carry bag and a phone holder attachment that is necessary for teaching from home or any other location. Having hands free is essential for effective communication online. The phone attachment however, was not suitable for teaching, as one constantly uses the touchscreen function. 

I found that the attachment neck is too flexible and tends to bounce upon touch. This causes the image to be unstable and blurry, which interferes with the teaching platform quality.

All the features on this light tripod (1.24kg) do work well though. I can adjust the height fairly rapidly and turn the view 360 degrees if needed. The tripod legs adjust to three height settings and then a further extension is possible from the centre pivot point. The stability of the tripod is compromised by height adjustments and especially at the highest adjustment. Using a phone at this height is no problem, but I would be cautious with anything heavier than an iPhone or iPad. It is a little creaky, but that’s to be expected at this price range (Eur 29.99 in December 2019). 

With a more sturdy phone holder that I happened to already have from another tripod (you can read the review here: K & F Concept ), it has been a good tripod for my transition to a more comfortable teaching position. 

I will consider other options in the future though, and will keep you updated.

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