GreenAgric Eco Tunnels

Low Cost Tunnels:

GreenAgric’s LOW COST Greenhouse Tunnels can be used as a seedling tunnel or as a starter tunnel.

  • 5m long x 5m wide x 2m high
  • Covered in 20% Shade Cloth
  • Colour to suit your application

Price : ONLY R 4,990.00 ***
T&C’s Apply see below

* All prices are DIY …

What’s included in the DIY Kit:
* 3 x 7.2m Internally Reinforced Polyethylene Support Poles
* 20% Shade Cloth (Colour to suit your application)
* 1 x Single Zip Doorway Opening (2m high in the centre of one of the tunnel ends)
* Pest and Anti Fungi Sprays (GreenAgric will share their recipe for you to produce your own Natural Organic Sprays) 

What’s not included in the DIY Kit:
* 2.5 meter Aluminium Link Support Poles (NOT supplied with ‘Low Cost’ Tunnels, but GreenAgric can supply these on request at R 250.00 each)***
* 925mm Y Standards used as tunnel anchors (NOT supplied with ‘Low Cost’ Tunnels, BUT Essential Items for your installations). GreenAgric can supply these on request from R400.00 each ***
* Double Zip Doorway Openings (Add an extra R 500.00 to the tunnel prices per opening)
* Cords and cable ties to be used in the installation of your tunnel but GreenAgric can supply these on request from R 400.00 per set ***
* Plastic Winter Covers 
* Irrigation (GreenAgric recommends a simple Drip Irrigation System; they can supply Class 3 – 15mm pipe at R 500.00 per 100m roll) ***
* Organic Mulch and Compost (they recommend that you source these locally)
* Seeds and Seedlings (they recommend that you source these from Living Seeds)

*** All Items marked ‘***’ can be sourced locally at competitive prices (GreenAgric can supply these items at their listed prices)

*** No Discounts or Promotions Valid for this product

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